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Tim Besheone - CEO/Owner

Tim Besheone was a member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce. He has been a registered business owner for many years. (Oregon business registration #226561-93) He is a highly respected consultant in the construction trade. Setting the bar for his peers because his reputation for logistics management puts him in a class all his own. He has an excellent reputation among public officials, general/sub-contractors, architects, engineers, and home owners.

Tim has been in the construction industry for 25 years. He has initiated and established three successful companies. He started his career in excavation and evolved into starting his own excavation company in 1997. He sold his excavation company (TB Excavation) in 2000 and started a general construction company (Besheone General Contracting). In 2004 he sold this company. Because Tim had been so successful, the new owner requested his assistance. Tim then decided to become a consultant to his former business which gave birth to Management Consultants Inc.

Word traveled fast of Tim's plethora of knowledge of not only the construction industry, but his no nonsense approach of keeping contracts ethical, legal, binding, informative, and fair. Protecting the best interest of the consumer became first and foremost. While facilitating all the logistics of the projects, his assistance was a benefit to the contractors as well. They could concentrate on the actual construction! When the projects were wrapped up, all parties would walk away pleased, informed, often early, and under budget.

He formerly specialized in consulting and management of large commercial projects. After hearing horror stories about homeowners that had been ripped off by contractors, ie; unfinished projects, over priced bids, surprise costs, and faulty workmanship, Tim decided that now, with the economic down turn, was the time to establish a new vision for the future of his company and your home project!

Tim's current focus is to assist homeowners with the services he provides. Having formerly been a licensed contractor for many years, Tim has recognized a need for protection of homeowner's best interests financially and ethically. After all, commercial project owners have always used consultants to manage their contracts and projects. Tim's vision is for residential homeowners and property managers to have the same protection and resources available to them!

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